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4 quadrants of engagement

We've talked previously about the Purpose Path as a method to ensure balance and meaning into daily activities.

Here is another way to think about balance and purpose in day-to-day interactions, whether you're a family or family-of-choice care partner or whether you're a professional caregiver or engagement team member.

  • Movement: More than simply "exercise," movement is a way of being active. It is flexible according to abilities and interest. And the term may be more accessible, depending on someone's background and upbringing.

  • Connection: To be a part of something, to belong in a community or in relationships. Connection can be larger social engagements or intimate settings.

  • Cultivation: The opportunity to create, nurture, foster. Not simply to be "taken care of."

  • Healthy living: Whether bodily or cognitively, this includes good eating, rest, outdoor engagements, and mental stretching.


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