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Services & Pricing

Educational Workshops

I facilitate empowering and interactive workshops, focused on practical insights and actions to help caregivers, professionals and people living with dementia - on aging, healthy living, living successfully with cognitive or physical impacts, mild cognitive impairment, dementia and specific diagnoses.  In person and virtual / webinar.  See topics list below.  General pricing $100 per workshop.

Care Consultation 

I provide individualized, collaborative strategies to work through the specific scenarios or difficulties you're facing - strategies related to common dementia symptoms; solutions regarding behavioral expressions; communication tips; best practices to assist with care needs; identifying meaningful activities for your person, to increase purpose and reduce boredom.  I can also work directly with your person, offering consultation regarding their questions and concerns; providing purposeful engagement opportunities; and strategizing solutions for care needs.  General pricing $45 per hour, with the first 20 minutes of the first session complimentary.

Travel Planning and Escorting

Traveling with your person - especially if they have cognitive or physical impacts - can be difficult and stressful.  We can strategize and plan for a smooth trip, customized to you and your person and your specific needs.  Travel escort services are also available.  Pricing dependent upon location, duration and needs - I'll be happy to provide a quote.

Caregiving Planning and Local Support

Are you looking for services or support for your person?  We can talk through their specific scenario, and I can provide specific resources in their area - whether in-home support, adult day programs, senior living, transportation and more.  General pricing $45 per hour.

Be Growth plants

Workshop & Training Topics

I've Received a Diagnosis, Now What?

Staying Grounded Through the Caregiving Journey: A Working Group Session

Maintaining Your Brain and Healthy Living Tips

Identifying Interventions and Triggers for Behavioral Expressions

Hands-On Engagements: Practicing Meaningful Engagements with Your Person

Successful Interactions with Your Person

Finding Purpose for Your Person

An Introduction to Services for Seniors - Resources and Planning

Self-Care Techniques for Caregivers

Communication Techniques

Managing Stress - for Caregivers

Joining Their Journey: sundowning, exit-seeking, wandering

Dementia & the Holidays

Understanding Dementia, an introduction

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