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Educational Workshops

I facilitate empowering and interactive workshops, focused on practical insights and actions to help families and professionals - on aging, healthy living, living successfully with cognitive or physical impacts, mild cognitive impairment, dementia and specific diagnoses.  In person and virtual / webinar.

Care Consultation 

I provide individualized, collaborative strategies to work through the specific scenarios or difficulties you're facing - strategies related to common dementia symptoms; solutions regarding behavioral expressions; communication tips; best practices to assist with care needs; identifying meaningful activities for your person, to increase purpose and reduce boredom.  I can also work directly with your person, offering consultation regarding their questions and concerns; providing purposeful engagement opportunities; and strategizing solutions for care needs.

Travel Planning and Escorting

Traveling with your person - especially if they have cognitive or physical impacts - can be difficult and stressful.  We can strategize and plan for a smooth trip, customized to you and your person and your specific needs.  Travel escort services are also available.

Caregiving Planning and Local Support

Are you looking for services or support for your person?  We can talk through their specific scenario, and I can provide specific resources in their area - whether in-home support, adult day programs, senior living, transportation and more.

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Workshop & Training Topics

Finding Purpose for Your Person

I've Received a Diagnosis, Now What?

Practical Caregiving Tips - Keeping organized, providing assistance, managing stress

Maintaining Your Brain and Healthy Living Tips

Identifying Interventions and Triggers for Behavioral Expressions

Successful Interactions with Your Person

An Introduction to Services for Seniors - Resources and Planning

Communication Techniques

Managing Stress - for Caregivers

Joining Their Journey: sundowning, exit-seeking, wandering

Dementia & the Holidays

Understanding Dementia, an introduction

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Services : Resources
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