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Individualized Care Consultation

Educational Workshops


Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

You are amazing! So helpful!

I have a page of notes. I think this was my favorite zoom.

Kristin S.

Brenda has an almost magical ability to connect with her participants and constituents.  She combines a vivacious personality with a keen mind in order to stimulate and educate others.  Brenda's experience and knowledge is clearly evident and results in a plethora of positive results for her clients.

Ralph P.

I have been to a few different dementia presentations before, but Brenda was by far the best teacher I’ve come across.  I was telling my coworker about her and how her presence was just warm and welcoming.  You felt like you could speak openly and freely, and she made it a safe space.  I’ve done enough of these to know that is not easily accomplished, especially on zoom, so kudos to her.

Anne-Marie D.

Brenda's ability to engage is remarkable. She is able to educate families and professionals while simultaneously making sure each voice in the room is heard. She asks pertinent questions and empowers individuals to implement the strategies they have learned to take back home or to the workplace.

Jenny L.

Brenda is able to deeply connect with people on a personal level then build growth-oriented solutions which optimize the aging process for elders, professional culture for team members and ultimately benefit the organization at large.

Kym H.

One of the hardest things to do in the Covid-19 era is to not just “talk” at audiences, but to truly engage them. Brenda’s communication style is inclusive and motivating. She validates every thought, feeling and comment making people feel valued and heard.

Jeremy K.

Empowering.  Practical.  Transformational.

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