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3 1/2 tips to modify the holidays

3 1/2 tips to modify the holidays for your person living with Alzheimer's, dementia or another cognitive impact. Recorded at a noisy, festive Union Station.

1) Focus on the holiday rituals, celebrations or rituals that are most meaningful to your person.

2) Make simple modifications to help your person to participate. Maybe host smaller celebrations or host them earlier in the day, and make time and space for rest.

3) Involve your person in the rituals or celebrations in a way that is meaningful to them and so they can be successful. So if they used to enjoy cooking, have them help roll out the cookie dough, or mix the salad, for ex.

3 1/2) The holiday season can be emotional - give yourself and your person grace to feel feelings and to share. The holidays may remind you or your person of past times or losses. Naomi Feil's Validation Method is a great way to connect with your person.

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