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Be Growth Dementia Education

Be Growth provides original, practical, educational content.

Memories in the Making

Memories in the Making is an art program for people living with dementia that recognizes their ability, agency and dignity.  

Thanks to the Colorado Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association who hosted the Memories in the Making trainings for 30 years and who passed their license to Be Growth Dementia Education.  Memories in the Making is a registered trademark of Alzheimer’s Orange County, Irvine, CA.

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Brenda Gurung

Hello!  It's Brenda Gurung (she, hers), CDP, CMDCP, CNA, VDT, MIM, EMBA: I'm the Founder and Educator for Be Growth Dementia Education.  Be Growth is primarily an education service: I create and share content with a focus on proactive interventions for behavioral expressions, communication strategies and empowering direct-caregiving methods.

I am honored to have been a Forbes Health Advisory Board Member for 2022-2023.  I serve as a volunteer Community Educator for the Alzheimer's Association, having facilitated 222+ workshops for families and professionals.  And I've served in senior living 15 years. 

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Workshops & Experience

Workshop Venues

  • •    National Association of Activities Professionals
    •    International Conference on Active Aging Conference (upcoming)
    •    California Assisted Living Association (upcoming)
    •    Ohio Assisted Living Association
    •    Home Care and Hospice Association of Colorado
    •    LeadingAge Colorado
    •    Denver 7 ABC Everyday Hero
    •    Rocky Mountain Conference on Dementia
    •    New England Conference for Dementia Care Professionals
    •    Texas Assisted Living Association Annual Conference
    •    Longmont Senior Services
    •    Gen-Care Lifestyle
    •    Sinceri Senior Living
    •    Eldergrow

  • •  Boulder County Area Agency on Aging Caregiver Symposium
    •    Alzheimer’s Association workshop highlights: 222+ workshops
    and more


  • Montessori: Montessori Aging and Dementia

  • ICCDP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional
    •    Virtual Dementia Tour: Certified Facilitator
    •    Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care: Certified Consultant
    •    NCCDP: Certified Dementia Practitioner
    •    CNA: Colorado licensed CNA; Missouri licensed CNA
    •    Memory Bridge: invitation-only immersive training
    •    Naomi Feil’s Validation Method 
    •    Boulder County Area Agency on Aging: Project Visibility (LGBTQ+ cultural competency trainer
    •    Eden Alternative: Certified Eden Associate
    •    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center: Dementia Twenty Four Seven Trainer
    •    Colorado Gerontological Society: Colorado Assisted Living Administrator Certification
    •    Memories in the Making Certified Facilitator

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