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Training for Community Teams

Engaging, practical, empowering workshops for front-line team members and directors.  These are live (in-person or virtual) trainings for new team members and recurring continuing education inservices.  Topics including: intro to dementia and Alzheimer's, communication techniques, engaging with behaviors, and more.  If you already have an online training or orientation program, these workshops are a great supplement for communities needing additional support or for your teams to cultivate real improvements in the day-to-day actions of front-line care staff and directors.

Workshops for Families & Prospects

Expert speaker presentations for families and prospects.  Educational and empowering, focused on real applications and actions so that families can better connect with their loved ones with dementia.  Topics include: understanding dementia, joining their journey, practical ways to visit with your loved one, tips for a successful move-in and other customized sessions.  Having worked in senior living over 12 years, I understand the value offered by communities.

Care Consultation for Families

Individualized, collaborative strategies to work through scenarios - "behaviors" when you assist with care activities, making sure your loved one gets sufficient hydration and nutrition, identifying meaningful activities for your loved one to increase purpose and reduce boredom, and others.

Memory Care Program Reinvigoration

Memory Care is a critical service within senior living.  We can work together to reinvigorate your current program, and I offer 3 services with varying formats, staff involvement and length of support: Meaningful, Sustaining and Certified.  And I also offer a service called the Mapmaker, an in-depth assessment of your current Memory Care program, with a customized plan to refresh your program.  Two benefits of the Mapmaker: 1) a fresh perspective, highlighting successes, opportunities and trends; 2) a customized, attainable plan created for you by a dementia specialist (bg).

Business Consultation

I am a tenured, successful account executive and sales leader, with strong business acumen.  I will work with you to grow your business through individual services, such as:

  • co-created with you your Unique Value Proposition for your business (more than simply an "elevator speech"

  • develop your manageable, actionable, custom sales plan (a brief plan to identify priority next steps and messaging for key clients): generally I facilitate a co-brainstorming session, leading you to what is authentic for you, your goals, your business

  • workshopping to identify your key competitors, including "disruptors" outside or alongside your traditional competition, and creating a plan to engage and proactively message

  • refresh your existing sales plan (similar to the bullet above but briefer, working off of your current plan)

  • review your existing sales ops process for improvement (efficiency, impact, results, bottlenecks)

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Workshop & Training Topics

Finding Purpose for Your Loved One

Joining Their Journey: sundowning, exit-seeking, wandering

Person-Directed Care: Creating Opportunities for and Recognizing Patient Agency

Maintaining Your Brain

Engaging with "Behaviors," including repetition

Successful Interactions with Your Loved One

Project Visibility, inclusivity for LGBT residents

Dementia Tips for Sales Directors

Reinvigorating Your Approach to Dementia Throughout the Care Continuum, for Communities & Operators

Changing our Glasses: Viewing Dementia through a Positive Lens

Communication Techniques

Dementia & the Holidays

Understanding Dementia, an introduction

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